Mobile APP Development

Web / IOS / Android

Web App Solution

HTML5/Wechat Mini Program

ADVANTAGES : The development cycle is short, the development is difficult, users do not need to download, open the browser to use.

DISADVANTAGES : Unable to support complex functions (voice sampling compression, socket communication, etc.) and the basic capabilities of calling devices (voice, SMS, camera, gravity sensing, local storage, etc.)

USER EXPERIENCE : Good (subject to network bandwidth limitations)

APPLICABLE SCENE : Out of the box, no download required (online store, information query, lightweight interactive application scenario, web application, can be applied to large-scale online interactive applications)

Hybrid APP solution

IOS / Android

ADVANTAGES : shorter development cycle and low development difficulty

DISADVANTAGES : Because the WebApp component is used to embed a WebApp, accessing the device base API requires bridging components. Limited by the stability and performance of the bridge components can not guarantee the experience of this part of the function

USER EXPERIENCE : User experience is basically consistent with WebApp in the context of WebApp functionality (inferior to device basic functions and complex computing)

APPLICABLE SCENE : Basically the same as WebApp (online store, information query, lightweight interactive IOS/Android internal test/evaluation version), its functional experience through bridge is poor (recommended applications requiring complex functions and local device basic functions) Choose a native APP development plan)

Native APP program

IOS / Android

ADVANTAGES : IOS/Android official SDK solution to provide full device access and complex function development

DISADVANTAGES : The development cycle is slightly longer and the development is slightly more difficult

USER EXPERIENCE : can provide the best user experience, fast response, no delay

APPLICABLE SCENE : Applicable for all categories (including high complexity games), suitable for medium and large complex application scenarios