Innovator Visa Immigration / Entrepreneur / Investment

Have you heard about Innovator visa category leading you to have a PR (Green card/Permanent UK Residence) and/or a British Citizenship (UK Passport)?

If you wish to emigrate to the United Kingdom, or if you wish for your children and grandchildren to be more creative and have better education to win at the starting line for their promising future, or if you wish to invest and expand your business worldwide, we are here to assist you with achieving your goals and to make your dream come true

Do you know being an entrepreneurial business person investing as little as £50,000 into a business in the UK can change you and your children’s life by emigrating to the United Kingdom?


How does it work and How we could help you?

Please refer to the Government Official Website as your reference below:-



  1. You can invest your £50,000 into one of our subsidiary companies and become the director of the company.
  2. Your investment can be subject to the visa approval, which means that you are only bound to invest into us if your visa be approved with our assistance and with our company’s business plan.
  3. We will appoint you as director of the subsidiary company you chose to invest into and you will also be able to run and contribute to this success of the company from your own effort if you wish.
  4. We will use your £50,000 as working capital strictly to the business and will create 2 job posts and hire 2 full-time employees on your behalf to meet the requirement of the immigration rules to satisfy the Home Office and enable you to be successful on your extension application and indefinite leave to remain application.
  5. You can either invest into us by way of director’s loan or by way of share capital. If you invest into us by way of share capital, of course, you will be entitled to dividends should the company make profit.
  6. Please note that if you are successful on your initial innovator visa application, the UK Home Office will grand you 3 years visa and on year 3, you apply for your ‘Green Card’. We will help you with the whole process and use the best endeavours to assist your success in your emigration to the UK.

Please email us for further information if you are interested in investing in our projects.